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ZAKPOL - Meble Dêbowe


Corner Settee Cupboard


Corner Settee Cupboard 1


Cupboard 2


Cupboard 3


Cupboard 4


Chest of Drawers 3


Chest of Drawers 4


Chest of Drawers 5


Chest of Drawers 6


Wardrobe SK2


Table Cadilac


Table Dinant


Table RTV


Table RTV small corner


Table RTV corner


Table RTV Bis


Table RTV Bis corner


Table Tel corner


Table Tel small


Table 12/14


Chair Prince Leder



Chair Prince Stoff



¯akPol stipulates rights to change of technical parameter of product introduction withous anticipation. . For avoiding of divergence, communicating is prescribed with local outlet, which will lend about possible modification perform after appearance information the present publication. Above-mentioned informations are not business offer in awareness article 66 Civil Code.